Share The Light

-Light Shabbat Candles

– Gift Candles to a Neighbor

– Experience Havdallah with someone new

– Pause, Look into the light… and Just BE


 Schools creating over 1000 Shabbat Kits for Israeli Soldiers

to #sharethelight with the world on 11/15


November 15-16, 2019

Light up the Shabbat:

The Torah teaches us that Shabbat is a remembrance for creation, so lighting Shabbat candles recalls God’s creation of the first light and brings holiness and pleasurable ambiance into a home.

To  maximize this experience, we suggest that you make this a sacred time for yourself! Give yourself at least 5 minutes to settle yourself before you light…to get yourself ‘in the spirit, so to speak.

Perhaps you have noticed the custom to cover your eyes as you recite the blessings. Tradition is to light the candles, then wave one’s hands over the candles, daring the warmth and light inside yourself and then cover the eyes and recite the blessing.

After you light, it is time to open your heart and pray, in whatever way speaks to you best. Pray for yourself, for your family, for those who are ill, and for those who have passed on. Pray for our people and for the world at large.

Once you have finished, give yourself a moment before you re-enter the fray of life. The Shabbat candles not only offer your home a shining light, but your face, too, is said to have a special radiance. Let those around you see your face free of worry and filled with joy as you greet them “Shabbat Shalom.”

Adrienne Gold Davis

Momentum Education and Trip Leader